How we work

Introductory consultation

We will visit you for a free and obligation-free consultation to discuss your care requirement. In this consultation, we will listen to your wishes and clarify how Private Care works.

We believe that a thorough intake consultation is very important. During this consultation, we endeavour to find out as much information as possible about the right care need. The better we understand this, the better we can match the right care assistant to your loved one.

The consultation takes place in the home where our care assistant would be staying.

Selection and recruitment of your care assistant

Once we know what conditions your care assistant needs to meet, we set to work actively looking for eligible applicants. We present our applicants to you and the final choice is up to you.

Care assistant set-up

People with MS are advised to stick to a range of ground rules in order to keep their symptoms under control as much as possible. Our care assistants can provide you with guidance on this and keep up with the latest developments. For instance, it is vital to maintain an adequate balance between rest and activity. Keeping moving is essential and our care assistants can be the motivator to remain active.

During their stay

We continue to monitor you and your care assistant throughout the entire time he or she is living with you. Not only is the wellbeing of our clients important to us but also that of our care assistants.

We also look after all the administration involved in arranging live-in care.

Our values throughout the entire process:

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