Our mission

Private Care was founded with the aim of enabling elderly and vulnerable people to grow old in their own home without worry.

With our range of live-in care options, we endeavour to offer a real alternative for all senior citizens who do not want to go into a care home.

The services we provide are also intended to provide some occasional respite for informal carers.

Who we are

Private Care was founded by Veronica and Isabelle. We have a passion for professional and personalised care for senior citizens who don’t want to give up their familiar surroundings. We endeavour to offer a real alternative for all senior citizens who do not want to go into a care home.

We will be by your side to advise and assist at every step of the process. We monitor our care assistants and make adjustments where necessary.

Our services are provided in compliance with all Belgian social/legal obligations.

Isabelle De Ramée


Since completing my degree in Social Work in 2003, I have worked continuously in Human Resources, the last 9 years of which as an HR Manager.

In 2019, I decided to swap the certainties of employee status for the uncertainties of self-employed status. The word “uncertainty” is not misplaced in this case: as my business was launched at the exact moment that Covid arrived. I spent a year working on launching my own recruitment agency (higher profiles in the construction industry).

That was until autumn 2020, when my mother-in-law (89 years of age and living alone) had a fall and broke her hip and elbow. After staying in hospital and rehabilitation centres for around 2 months, she was allowed to go home again. Due to Covid, we had not been able to visit her and had no idea what sort of physical condition she would be in. . It very quickly became clear that she wasn’t in a good enough state (another 2 falls just on her first day back home) to responsibly live by herself. Like many others, she didn’t want to give up her familiar surroundings. There was no way she would consider moving into a residential care home. So we were faced with this reality but with absolutely no solution to it. My husband, along with his brother and sister, spent a month caring for her full-time by staying with her 24 hours a day. This turned out to not only be tough in itself, but also incredibly difficult to combine with having a family and work. . Eventually we had the idea of 24-hour live-in care. Unfortunately for us, we then signed up with a firm only to find out, after having signed the contract, that it was an untrustworthy firm. This experience led us to have the idea to set up Private Care, together with Veronica, a colleague from the world of recruitment.

There are so many people who want to stay in their familiar surroundings but are in so much need of long-term care that it would no longer be responsible to do so. We want to make a difference for all these people, by making it possible for them to still stay at home.

Veronica Riseva


My name is Veronica and I am a mum of 3 wonderful children. After a 12-year career as an accountant, and the arrival of my baby daughter, I decided to leave my job and start doing something I had always dreamt of doing – helping people.

In the country of my birth (Russia), there are hardly any residential care homes. Parents care for their children, and then the roles reverse later. I believe that people in need of long-term care or elderly people should choose for themselves whether to go into a care home or stay at home. So we had the idea to set up Private Care.

We offer a personalised approach and are accessible 7 days a week. Applicants are carefully selected and most have experience in healthcare.

Tatjana Zamurueva

Customer follow-up

After graduating as a nurse, I worked for several years at a hospital. I really enjoyed the work, but after my second child was born, I made the transition to self-employed nursing at home. Then, during my career in self-employed nursing, I also worked at a variety of residential care homes. Yet, after all these years in healthcare, I felt I was missing out on being able to do MORE than that for my patients. Until I found out about Veronica and Isabelle’s concept of Private Care. The idea of supporting elderly people in their desire to stay at home for longer appealed to me immediately. Throughout my years of experience in healthcare, I had seen all too often how dearly people want to be able to stay living in their home. Sometimes the care required becomes too intense for informal carers, even when they have sufficient support from home nurses and home carers. All too often, the only option then was to go into a residential care home, despite the wisdom of an old saying of ours, which translates roughly as “old trees shouldn’t be replanted”. 

I believe that with the right framework around them, elderly people can live out their old age in their own home surroundings. So I didn’t hesitate when Private Care invited me to start working with them. 

Foto Tatjana

Vanessa Broeckx

HR & Administration

I would describe myself as energetic and dynamic, but also as a warm and family-minded person. These traits, combined with the necessary eagerness to learn, have made me the person I am today, with a passion for admin and HR. As a family-minded person myself, I simply couldn’t support the concept of Private Care even more than I do already. I think that giving people the opportunity to stay living in their familiar surroundings make a huge positive difference for many people. Of course, this all comes with a huge amount of admin and staffing issues, and I aim to help our clients with that.

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