There’s no better place than home

Stay permanently at home without worry, with our live-in care assistant.

Private Care is active throughout Flanders.

Working with Private Care means choosing a full service provider that fully takes the strain from both you and the live-in assistant. his is the only way we can make it a success story.

Easy appointment

Free and obligation-free introductory consultation.

Personal introduction

We will take the time to properly understand your care requirement. In this consultation, we will listen to your wishes and clarify how Private Care works.

No hidden costs

The monthly cost will be clearly calculated ahead of time.

About us

Who we are

What sets us apart is being a full service agency. This means we always provide bespoke work and offer everything at any time to make your live-in care story a success. We stand for quality and this is only possible by offering a full service:

Experience our excellent service for yourself!

  • This begins with careful recruitment, with experience, positive references and good knowledge of a second language all being a must.
  • We monitor all our assistants throughout their employment in order to reduce the strain on them, too. Only then can they 100% focus on your loved ones.
  • We are there to advise and assist every family. This is both in terms of administration as well as the nursing and caring side. This is where our Geriatrics Nurse Tatjana can help.
  • We have strong partnerships and relationships with residential care providers in order to provide additional support as required.
  • We understand our clients and their needs. We are continuously learning more about the needs of elderly people today and are always on the lookout for opportunities to further expand our services in the future.

Motivations for choosing this form of care

Often, it is children who arrange this kind of care for their parents in need of care. Their primary motivation is to avoid their parent being forced to move into a care home. And if both parents are still living, this form of care also avoids them being separated from one another.

Sometimes there is an acute cause driving the decision to enlist live-in care, such as a fall resulting in serious injuries, or the death of a partner. Other times, the decision follows a process of several years of declining health of the elderly person in need of care.

There comes a point at which informal carers realise the mix of care they have been delivering up to that point is no longer adequate.

Sometimes it is the GP or another healthcare professional who observes that it is no longer responsible for the elderly person to continue living at home alone.
Sometimes it can be a factor that the person in need of care feels uncomfortable in a group setting (sometimes to an extreme extent).

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