“We’ve got our Moeke back again.”

My mother was 89 and still doing everything independently. When she suddenly had a fall and broke her hip, everything changed. She was admitted to hospital and underwent an operation to have a new hip. We knew that at her age this was a brave choice. Her rehabilitation was weak and once the hospital said she was fully rehabilitated she still had to go to a nursing home. Our Moeke had two wishes: To stay living at home, and to not be a burden on anyone. . At this point, I decided, along with my brother and sister, to care for her. There was some fragmented help available, but it wasn’t coordinated and full-time home care wasn’t possible either.

When you spend all the time, day and night, with your parent, it completely changes the parent-child relationship. That’s when we reached out to Isabelle for live-in care. After 9-10 months, our Moeke was able to live independently again and we are so pleased that we decided on live-in care.

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Wim Hens
“There was an instant click.”

At first, we had live-in care from a different company, but that involved 4 different ladies every day. We just wanted to have one designated person to come and live with us. So we decided to look elsewhere and we came across Private Care. We told them what we were looking for and then they set to work looking for a suitable live-in assistant. We took a gamble by only meeting her over the phone, and when she arrived there was an instant click. We are very happy with how Private Care has arranged everything. We are pleased we made the move to Private Care.

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Dirk from Kapellen
“She anticipates needs, so by the time I think of something, Angela has already sorted it out.”

My wife and I were in hospital at the same time. Landrea has dementia and requires help and the doctors said she needed to go into a nursing home. Landrea really didn’t want to do that, because she previously cared for her own mother, and I didn’t want to go into a nursing home either. In my eyes, the only difference between that and a prison is the bars on the windows. So the only option was to have more help at our home. We contacted Private Care and then Angela came to our home. When Angela notices the sun is shining a bit too bright on Landrea’s back, she shuts the curtains. She spots when Landrea needs a tissue when eating her fruit and puts the box down next to her. She anticipates needs, so by the time I think of something, Angela has already sorted it out. Landrea and I have both put a good amount of weight back on since Angela came. We are pleased that we were able to find live-in care and are absolutely delighted with Private Care.

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